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* How to upload a photo
* How to pay for your order
* How to scan your photo

How to upload a photo
1.   Navigate to our “Your Photo Upload” page, by clicking your photo
2.   In the “image title” box, write a name for the image you want to upload e.g. my wedding picture,
       daddy’s photo, mummy e.t.c
3.   Choose your preferred size from the drop down menu.
4.   Check the box that applies to what you want.
5.   Click “add to cart”
6.   Choose your preferred delivery method.
7.   Click “proceed to checkout”
8.   Fill in your personal information; check the box to agree with our terms and conditions.
9.   Click “proceed to pay”
10. Take note of your customer ID, click “pay now”.
11. After payment confirmation, click “choose file” to upload your image or images. Your image can be
       in bitmap, JPEG or Tiff format. The minimum size should be 1MB and the maximum should be 5MB.
       If your file is any larger than this, we recommend that you attach it in an email and send to . Be sure to quote your customer ID and Transaction ID so
       we can confirm your order and retrieve your order specifications.
12. The file will be uploaded; depending on your bandwidth this may take as long as five to ten minutes.

How to pay for your order
1.   After choosing your desired picture from our gallery or uploading your own picture.
2.   Click add to cart
3.   You will be directed to a page for more specifications; choose the appropriate one for you. If you choose to
       add a special message at the back of your print, type the message.
       Click proceed.
4.   In the next page you will be given the option to choose from picking up your product from our office or having it       delivered to your location anywhere in Nigeria. Choose the appropriate option.
5.   Click proceed to checkout.
6.   Fill in your personal information/shipping information
7.   You will be given a customer id (take note of it) and redirected to Inter switch/GT Pay online payment module.
       Click  “continue” to open the payment interface. Here you will be given a transaction id (also take note of it).
8.    Please, ensure the "PIN Secured" Logo appears on your screen before entering your Card details and four
        digit PIN number.

How to scan your photo
1.   Connect your scanner to a power outlet and connect to your PC or laptop.
2.   Open the scanner lid and place your picture on the scanner glass or scanning surface.
3.   Close the scanner lid
4.   Click scanner and camera wizard; if using Microsoft windows XP, click start>all       programs>accessories>scanner and camera wizard, if using Microsoft windows vista click start>search for       scanner and camera wizard>hit enter.
5.   Click custom settings
6.   Choose 300 dpi, click ok
7.   Scan.
8.   You can save your images in Jpeg format.

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