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1.   How long will it take for me to get my canvas print after payment?
Your print will be delivered to you within 5 working days, depending on your location in Nigeria. Our prints are normally ready within three days after order confirmation; the extra two days are for product delivery.

2.   How long can the prints last?
Using our unique blend of inks, printers and high grade canvas, our prints are known to last for more than
50 years. Please see our document on “caring for your canvas” page for more information.

3.   Can I have my canvas delivered to somewhere else besides my address?
Yes! Your order can be delivered anywhere within Nigeria. Just fill in the address where you want your canvas
print to go in the personal information page during checkout.

4.  How do I send my picture for print?
You can upload your digital images via our website. Please see our “How to upload a Photo” page. If you have
an actual picture, you will need to scan it before you upload. See our “How to scan your photo” page. You can
also call our customer care desk for more inquiries.

5.   Do you offer priority/express services?
Of course! It can be done. Contact our customer care desk (8am - 5pm) for more information.

6.   Can I make payment online?
Yes! You can use your Inter switch ATM card to order your products directly from our website. Please see our
how to pay for your order” page for guidelines on how to make an order.

7.  How will my order be delivered to me?
Canvas Prints partner with courier companies like Fed Ex to ensure that your prints are sent to you quickly and
in good condition.

8.  Do you offer retouching services on Photos?
Yes! Depending on the level of retouching or picture editing, a small fee might be required. If your image will
require advanced photo treatment or photo restoration, for example an old or damaged photograph; please
attach the image to an email and contact us for a quote.

9.   How secure is this website?
At Canvas Prints, all your payment details are processed by a secure server and this information is sent using
128 bit encryption meaning it is impossible to steal your credit or debit card details. A small padlock icon will
appear in the status bar of the browser at the bottom of your screen when you are entering your card details, signifying you are currently on a secure platform. Another sign that you are on a secure site is that in the
address bar of the browser you will notice that the beginning of the website address will be https://.

10. Do you offer custom sizes, designs and split-set for personal photos or online gallery photos?

Yes! We offer custom sized frames and split-sets. If the size of frame you want is not in our standard size and
price list, please send a mail or call our customer care desk for more information.

11. Will the colors I see on screen be the same as the finished canvas?
They may be identical but we cannot guarantee this as individual monitor settings can vary.

12. What is the meaning of “Remove url”?
Our URL is and all our products are produced with this URL printed behind it. 
During the order process, you have the option to remove the URL and replace it with a special message.
See our CP features page for more information on the features of every Canvas print.

13. What is frame depth?

Frame depth refers to the size of the edge of frame. Our frames have a depth of 1 inch. See our CP features
page for more information on frame depth.

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