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We take pride in the quality of our prints and so each work of art is branded with our unique logo to assure you
that your order has passed through rigorous quality checks before being printed and packaged for delivery.
Check out either the bottom right or left corner of your print for the CP logo.

The solid edge of a Canvas Print has a standard 1 inch depth which can be increased to 2 inches during product order. Want to give a new look to your Canvas Prints? The choice is yours.

Behind every Canvas Print you order, we print the url address to our website. Just another way to let you know
where it came from. If your canvas print is intended as  a gift for someone and/or  you would like to use the url
space to pass on a special message, just click the option, remove url and add special message. Type in your message in the message box and replace our url with your message. Simple as the word go!


If you want it to continue inspiring your space, you should adhere to the care tips listed below.

  • Do not hang your CANVASPRINTS directly towards sun light.
  • Avoid touching the CANVASPRINTS surface with your hands as this may transfer dust or oil.
  • Do not hang your CANVASPRINTS directly above, below or near a heat source.
  • Make sure it is firmly hung on the wall as several falls are likely to damage the frame.
  • If you want to remove settled dust, make sure you use a soft paint brush or feather brush.
  • Do not rub your CANVASPRINTS too hard in the same area in the process of admiring it. Never clean
    your CANVASPRINTS with just any kind of cloth.
  • If for any reason your CANVASPRINTS gets wet, gently dab with a dry cloth or tissue and leave to dry.
  • Never use water or any chemical to clean your CANVASPRINTS.
  •  Do not for any reason apply pressure in front or from behind the CANVASPRINTS. This will make the
    picture wobble and with time, lose shape and form.
  •  If you have to move your CANVASPRINTS, use the packaging carton which your CANVASPRINTS was delivered in.